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100% Complete

Vendor Application Complete!

You've successfully selected your vendor booth for the 2018 Baltimore Grand Prix & Fitness Expo! You have also paid for it using our Official Ticket Handler Universe! After that you downloaded, signed/dated, and re-uploaded the vendor agreement. You're all set! All that's left is to set up your booth on July 14th 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Center!


Save everything! Please keep a copy of your vendor agreement you signed and returned to us. Most importantly save the email and confirmation you received after paying for the booth with our official ticket handler Universe! This has a QR code that will be used you check you in to the event! We can scan either a physical paper copy or even the email on your mobile phone!


In the beginning of the application we had you tell us whether or not you would need extra badges or an electrical outlet rental. Extra badges are $30.00 per badge. The Baltimore Convention Center charges $250.00 per outlet per day for an electrical outlet rental. If you indicated in your application you need either of these options please see the links below! Thank you!


Click here if you....

Need a support banner for the company banner you plan to bring to the event.  These supports provided free of charge can support a company banner up to 8 feet by 8 feet (8′ x 8′).

I need Support!


Click here if you....

Need more badges for your presenters! Maybe you need more than three people at your booth, no problem, we can get you another badge or two.  Please remember there is a $30.00 charge per badge.

More badges please!


Click here if you....

Need to register to use an electrical outlet during the expo at your booth! Maybe you’re a supplement company that needs a blender to mix up some great shakes.  We got you. Click the link below to let us know you need that outlet.  Please remember the Baltimore Convention Center charges $250.00 per day to rent an electrical outlet. You’ll be able to make that payment on the next page using our official ticket handler Universe!


Questions, comments, concerns?

Further questions or concerns about the booth or anything else related to the vendor agreement? Use the contact form below and submit your inquiry. If the matter is urgent and needs immediate assistance please refer to our contact us page via the button directly below this message, this will have direct email addresses or phone numbers to call if necessary.

Contact Us

For less urgent matters, please use this contact form to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have about your booth at the upcoming 2018 Baltimore Grand Prix & Fitness Expo