Below is all of the up to date scheduling information for the 2017 Baltimore Grand Prix and Fitness Expo. The schedule for the General Public is subject to change so be sure to check back for any updates to the schedules

General Public Schedule

. . .

Marine Chin Up Bar and ABN Bench Press Competition

These events will be open from the time the doors open until they close.  They are available to the general public and anyone who wishes to compete may do so.
. . .

10:00 AM

IFBB Pro Mens Physique starts
. . .

10:00 AM

Morning Power Lifting Competition session starts
. . .

10:00 AM

First two Strongman Competition sessions start
. . .

11:00 AM

IFBB Pro Bikini starts

12:00 PM

Model Search starts

12:30 PM

NPC Hercules Competition Starts

1:30 PM

Last two Strongman Comepetition events start

2:00 PM

Afternoon Powerlifting Competition session starts
. . .

6:30 PM

IFBB Pro Men’s Physique Finals start

7:15 PM

IFBB Pro bikini finals starts

8:00 PM

NPC Hercules Competition Finals  start