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Standing Banner Support

Click here if you....

Need a support banner for the company banner you plan to bring to the event.  These supports provided free of charge can support a company banner up to 8 feet by 8 feet (8′ x 8′).


Extra Badges

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Need more badges for your presenters! Maybe you need more than three people at your booth, no problem, we can get you another badge or two.  Please remember there is a $30.00 charge per badge.

More badges please!

Electrical Outlet

Click here if you....

Need to register to use an electrical outlet during the expo at your booth! Maybe you’re a supplement company that needs a blender to mix up some great shakes.  We got you. Click the link below to let us know you need that outlet.  Please remember the Baltimore Convention Center charges $250.00 per day to rent an electrical outlet. You’ll be able to make that payment on the next page using our official ticket handler Universe!


Something else?

If you need something else that the above links can’t help with, drop us a line in the contact box below. General questions or even requests about your current booth? That contact box down there will make sure we see your message. However, if it’s urgent, there’s a button directly below this message you can use to contact us quickly. There you can find some direct email address or phone numbers if needed. If the matter isn’t urgent please stick to the box below and we’ll answer your questions as soon as possible! Thank you!